Finding tutorials for ARK Dev Kit can be a bit challenging. Even though it’s way better and easier nowadays, there isn’t really an untapped ocean of material available. In this post, you’ll find our top picks. Enjoy!

Zen Rowe’s all video tutorials

Zen Rowe, a former modder and nowadays working at WildCard has made a series of 24 very in-depth structured and educational modding tutorials available on YouTube. This is a must-have. Check out all his videos here, playlist to all 24 videos.

Brick Whut’s YouTube-series

Even though this series is a bit outdated as it was made in 2015 when the ARK Dev Kit was new, and the basics are still there and he explains them well in these 14 videos.

Playlist to all 14 videos

UE Forums

Yes, forums can be a real hit or miss but the Unreal Engine forums, and in this case, the ARK Survival Evolved subforum sure is a hit. Tons of guides, tutorials, free assets, helpful people, and also have announcements. Check it out here.

The first unofficial ARK modding scene-related website. Have some guides and tutorials. Most of the content is rather old and the website hasn’t been updated since 2018 but it still has some good content. They have a rather active discord server though, and the invite can be found on their site. Check it out here.

Exilogs mapping series

Also a bit outdated but it’s still a good source of information, primarily for mapping and making maps for ARK. Playlist to all 8 videos here.

The Wookie’s beginners tutorial series

Also, a bit outdated and very informative, and beginner-friendly. Playlist to all 13 videos here.

Mathew Wadsteins huge collection for UE

This is most likely one of the, if not, the best video source for working with Unreal Engine. Granted, it’s not specifically for ARK Dev Kit but many of these things can be used there as well. And most importantly, you will get a whole new depth of understanding of the Unreal Engine, which will help you a lot in making ARK Mods as well. All his several hundred videos can be found here.