Parados is a massive dino mod with a wide variety of different creatures, armor, structures, and other items! The creatures are sorted into different tiers, from the basic tiers like "Neolithic", through the mid-tiers like "Flaming", "Frozen" and "Wicked" all the way up to the high "Promeus" Tier with its Tameable bosses. Later on, there will be added endgame bosses into Parados (This is a work in progress).

Parados means "Magic". I am inspired by the mystical world, and I love to add particles and special attacks to my dinos. Some of the dinos themselves are Magic as well and will create useful resources when tamed. Some of them may also evolve into something bigger if you have the right item.

A lot of attacks can be found on C and X

🔼Updates can be viewed in change notes on the ARK Parados Steam Workshop page.
🔼Parados is a WIP, Meaning mechanics, items or dinos can change without warning.
🔼Parados is NOT a CORE Mod.
🔼I don't get paid to do this, so updates and bug fixes will be done when I got time.
🔼Mod support is ONLY on Discord. An invite to the Discord can be obtained here.


I made this page so you can support me if you want. All support is very much appreciated and goes towards supporting my mod and future updates.

Also all Promeus Level Patreons get a custom dino with custom looks and attack put into Parados. For more info see the page on Patreon creatures.


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