????Where can I find all the old screenshots, mod logo and icons?
In this zipped archive(1.3GB).

????What does this mod do?

This mod adds a big variety of creatures, weapons, items, and armor.

????Is Parados a Core mod and wich priority does it need to be on?

Parados is NOT a core mod and it does NOT require first priority.

????Is this mod compatible with other mods?

This mod should be compatible with all other mods.

????What maps are Parados working on and what is the best map?

Parados is working on all maps, but creatures are spawning better on non modded maps. Constantly working to make Parados spawn better on modded maps aswell. Ragnarok is definitely the best map.

????What Parados creatures can be evolved?

All Abandoned creatures, Parados Poison Ptera, Parados Dimorpodon, and the special Shadow Wyvern,

????Why isn’t my creature evolving?

– Put evolving token in creature’s inventory, ride the creature and click CTRL + X. NOTE: U can not be in god mode, creative mode, u have to close the dino’s inventory and u have to be on the ground while evolving.

????Why is there no Parados creatures spawning on my server?

try to do a wild dino wipe, do a mod update or reinstall the mod.

????Parados is so OP, is there a way to nerf the creatures or torpor?

Sadly there is no option to change these settings right now. Parados is made by me and I made it this way on purpose. Settings might come later.

????What are the recommended max wild dino levels?

I would recommend using 20.0 and make max wild levels 600.

????How can I remove a creature from my server?