Parados Cloth Armor

Parados Cloth armor is armor that is easily crafted as starter gear using Thatch, Fiber and Hide.

Parados Flak Armor

The Parados Flak Armor is unbreakable armor that has 600 armor value per piece.

Parados xB Armor

Parados xB Armor is made for the streamer and YouTuber xBCrafted. It’s unbreakable, and each piece has 800 armor.

Parados TEK Armor

Parados Tek Armor is armor that lets you fly. It uses Element as fuel. To fly press and hold the spacebar. Hold Shift to hover in the air.

Parados Soul Armor

Parados Soul Armor is a Halloween wariant of Flak Armor. It is available during halloween. It is not craftable, but it will drop from the Soul tier Dinos.

Mishell Armor

Mishell armor drops from Mishell, Goddess of Jungle. It has 3000 armor per piece and is unbreakable.

Parados PolarFur Armor

PolarFur gear only drops from Parados Polar gear. It got 600 armor each piece!