Taming Food

Chronos Kibble

Used to tame Chronos creatures.

Chronos kibble can be crafted in the Parados Smithy. Each Chronos Kibble costs two Wicked souls, two Flaming Souls, and two Parados Souls.

Promeus Brain

Promeus Brains are used to tame Promeus Bosses.

Promeus Brains can be crafted in the Parados Smithy. They cost 30 of each soul.

Parados Burger

Parados Burger is used to tame many of the dinos from Special, Patreon and Tribute tires.

Parados Burger can be crafted in the Parados Smithy.

Udis Fresh Banana

Udis Fresh Banana is an item used to tame Udis, God of Mountains.

Mishell Greens

Mishell Greens are used to tame Mishell, Goddess of Jungle. Mishell Greens can be crafted in the Parados Smithy.

Volcanic Soup

Volcanic Soup is used to tame Volcanis, God Of Fire (Tameable Version)

Crafting Requirements: 5 Flaming Souls, 100 Charcoal and 50 Keratin.


Swampshi is used to tame Draugen, Goddess Of Swamp.

Crafting Cost: 5 Wicked Souls, 100 Raw Fish meat & 50 Rare Mushrooms.

Neolithic Crystal

Neolithic Crystal is used to tame Neolithic Crystal Wyvern passive. The Crystal can be crafted in your player’s inventory.

Resource Requirements:

50 Wood
50 Fibers
20 Narcoberry