All Parados Potions are crafted in the Parados Potion Chest.

Parados Smoothie

Parados Smoothie is the best way to start out with Parados. Parados Smoothie heals 5% of your health and gives u more stamina!

Health Elixirs

– Small Health Elixir will give you or your dino 25% of max health.

– Medium Health Elixir will give you or your dino 50% of max health.

– Big Health Elixir will give you or your dino full health.

Poison Eraser Elixir

Will reduce the Torpidity of you or your dino.

Tame Elixir

Will make whoever consumes it hungry.

XP Elixirs

It’s hard to say how much experience these potions will give you because it’s balanced after your servers XP base also.

Parados Engram Unlocker

Parados Engram Unlocker is a very good way to start out with Parados.
With .ini-settings to turn of TEK and other engrams.

Note: I do not recommend using this if you got a bad PC or running ark in high settings. It unlocks ALL engrams at once.

Death Helper

Drinking this will kill you instantly.

Dino Mindwipe Elixir

Will reset all manually added stats on your dino.

Dino Gender Elixir

Will change the gender of your dino. It can’t be used by humans.

Parados Sedative Elixir

Will put anything to sleep. Refills the torpidity meter.

Parados Level Up Counter

Will keep track of how many points you have added to each stat on your dino.

Instagrow Elixir

Will make any creature grow up instantly.

Parados Fries

Parados Fries will completely refill your or your dinos food.

Malin’s Epic Heals

Malin’s Epic Heals will remove all torpor and recover all health to both you and your dino. It must be used from the player’s Hotbar.

Stufasa Irn-Bru

This is a Medium Health Potion made for IRN STU and it will only drop from the Thyla called Stufasa. It will give u MAX health each soda u drink.