Parados Sunglasses


Parados Sunglasses can only be obtained by taming Charlie the Bigfoot.

Parados Sunglasses are basically just made to look cool, but they also got 50.0 Armor. Can only be equipped on vanilla & Parados headwear.

Corrupted Skin

Dropped by Phantom creatures.

Wicked Skin

Dropped by Wicked Glowtail.

King Daddy Chieftain Hat

King Daddy Chieftain Hat is dropped by “King Daddy of Destruction“.

Froggy the Destroyer Mask

Froggy the Destroyer Mask is dropped by “Froggy the Destroyer

Parados Santa Hat

Parados Santa Hat is just a special skin that u can put over your Parados hat to get more armor. The Santa hat got 300 armor and got the Parados logo on the front.

(Image & logo will be changed out)

Soul Bone Helmet

The Bone Helmet Skin is a special helmet skins that drops from the Soul Carno. It’s only available during Halloween.

Soul Skins

Soul Skins drops from Soul Dinos. The skins looks the same as Soul dinos, for more info on how each skin looks like, go to the page on Soul Dinos.