Parados souls are special items that drop whenever you kill one of Parados’ Dinos. They come in five different forms.

Parados souls are used in the crafting of Saddles Parados Tranq Arrows, and other special Parados items.

A few Parados creatures will drop more than one soul. Frozen Titanboa, Soul Bug, Watery Piranha, and Firequacker will drop one of each soul when killed.

Parados Soul

This is the standard Parados Soul. It will drop from all dinos from the tiers: Chronos, Abandoned, Ruthless, Parados, Legendary, Watery, Mecha, Reckless, Promeus, Phantom, Seasonal, and the Special tier.

Wicked Soul

Wicked Souls drops from Wicked dinos.

Frozen Soul

Frozen Souls will drop from Frozen dinos.

Flaming Soul

Flaming Souls will drop from all creatures from the: Flaming, Noctis, and Neolithic tiers.

Guardian Soul

Guardian Souls drops from Guardian Creatures.