Parados Forge

12 times faster than vanilla. Speed can be adjusted in GUS.

Parados Smithy

The Parados Smithy is the structure used to make all kinds of Parados Tools, Weapons and Saddles.

Parados Potion Bench

The Parados Potion chest is where you make all kinds of Parados Potions.

Parados Vault

The Parados Vault is a vault that can store up to 50000 items devided onto 300 slots.

Parados Meat Spoiler

The Parados meat spoiler is a jar that spoils meat quickly.

Parados HYPE ART

Malinja’s HYPE emote from Twitch made into a lovely decoration for your base!

Christmas Painting

Just a Parados Christmas Decoration!

Parados Halloween Art

Special Wall Art that drops from the Soul Trike.