Weapons and Tools


The Parados Crossbow is a craftable weapon that uses Parados Tranq arrows to deal Torpor to the target. Both the Crossbow and the Arrows can be crafted in the player's inventory.

The Parados Crossbow has been nerfed in order to make room for the new Compound bows, that are more accurate and deal even more Torpor. On the other hand Parados Tranq Arrows for the crossbow no longer costs souls to make.

Damage torpidity increase multiplier: 500.0

Compound Bow

The Parados Compound bow is an accurate bow that shoots Parados Poison Arrows. Bow and arrows can be crafted in Parados Smithy.

Damage torpidity increase multiplier: 2000.0

Super Compound Bow

This Parados Super Compound Bow is a bow that only uses Parados Super Poison arrows and the arrows deals tons of torpor. The bow can only be obtained by defeating one of the Tier 1 Bosses. Parados Super Compound Arrows can be crafted in Parados Smithy.

Damage torpidity increase multiplier: 3000.0

Parados Tranq Bola

The Parados Tranq Bola is an easy to craft starter item. It will bola most early game creatures, and deals a little Torpor over time.

Udis Broken Bone

Udis Broken Bone is a special weapon that drops when you kill Udis, God of Mountains. It has high damage and does Parados Electric damage.

Parados Power Axe

The Parados Power Axe is a powerfull axe that is craftable in the Parados Smithy. It deals much more damage that your average axe.

Parados Poison Spear

The Parados Poison Spear is a poison Spear that doesn’t require metal to craft. It deals good amounts of Torpor, but has low durability.

Parados Poison Pike

The Parados Poison Pike is a good weapon for taming small creatures. it deals lots of Torpor, and a bit of damage.

It can be crafted in the players inventory.

Parados Acupuncture Needle

The Parados Acupuncture Needle (or Undizz Acupuncture Needle) is a spear that will heal your animal. It will heal it by 10%.

When you use it, your animal will get the status effect “You have been healed!”.

The Needle is obtained by either crafting it in the Parados Smithy, this costs 10 Wicked Souls, or by killing Promeus Bosses.

Parados Stone Tools

Parados Stone Tools are the starter tools in Parados. They can be easily crafted, and deals more damage than your average stone tool. They are also unbreakable.

Terrompy Club

ONLY drops from the Terrompy itself.

An easily made melee weapon that removes food from other creatures.

Note: This club deals damage too, so attacking after your dino is KO, will make u loose tame effectiveness.

Parados Sickle

This is a Sickle that is perfect to start out with Parados. It doesn’t require a lot to craft and It will give u a lot of berries. Gathers Narcoberries extra!

Phantom Tools

Phantom Pickaxes are used to gather hard to get materials like Chitin or Polymer, from trees and rocks.

Phantom Tools are obtained by defeating Phantom creatures.

Phantom Charcoal Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Stegosaurus)

Phantom Chitin Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Allosaurus)

Phantom Berry Pick.
– Gathers from trees. (Drops from Phantom Gacha)

Phantom Polymer Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Griffin)

Phantom Oily Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Rock Elemental)

Phantom Black Pearl Pick.
Gathers from Corpses. (Drops from Phantom Dire Bear)

Phantom Rare Mushroom Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Mammoth)

Phantom Silica Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Tapejara)

Phantom Rare Flower Pick.
– Gathers from Metal Rocks. (Drops from Phantom Procoptodon)

Parados Super Metal Tools

Parados Super Metal Tools are the strongest tools for gathering resources in Parados.

1.0 Item Durability To Consume Per Shot
5.0 Harvest Resource Multiplier.
1000 Melee Damage Amount.

They can be crafted in the Parados Smithy.

Epic Metal Pick & Hatchet

This overpowered Metal Pick & Hatchet that only drops from Volcanis, God Of Fire & Draugen, Goddess Of Swamp.

No durability.
5.0 Harvest Resource Multiplier.
1200 Melee Damage Amount.
40.0 Hit damage.
50.0 Melee Swing Radius

Soul Element Dust Hatchet

The Soul Element Dust Hatchet is a Special item that drops from the Soul Giga. It will gather Element dust from Rocks.

As it drops from the Soul Giga it is a seasonal item, and is only available during Halloween.

Froststeel Axe

FrostSteel Axe gathers crystal with x4 gather multiplier and with 500 Melee Damage Amount! Only Available during the Parados Christmas event.